New Stats Tracking

I have added some new plugins for wordpress that lets me get a better idea of which posts are popular and which have never been read at all.

Readers, you will notice on the sidebar, there is now a “Most Popular” section. It will list out the overall most popular when viewing the main page or viewing individual posts / pages. If you go into the monthly or category archives, it will list out the most popular posts for that month or category.

Each post also has a popularity readout at the end of the post… this is probably going away, once I find where that little bit of code was added.

I have also added a plugin that lets me track referrers, links, enter pages, exit pages, etc. I don’t think the readers can see any of the stats it produces. I may make a stats page for everyone once I get to understand these plugins a bit better.

For post popularity I am using Alex King’s Popularity Contest
For the general http stats I am using Anders Holte Nielsen’s Counterize

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