One Post for July

Wow, July is over already, and worse, I haven’t written anything for the entire month!

As you may or may not know, I’m in the United States, and we’ve been having a bit of a hot-spell lately.   Typical summers in my mid-western state of Michigan are mid 70’s and low 80’s, going into the 60’s at night.  However, this July, the weather is playing it a little different.   Most of the days have been 80+, and the nights are in the mid 70’s.   Today was a real scorcher … most of the time the weather folks are wrong for my area, due to a micro-climate imposed by Lake Michigan not more than a few miles from my house.   However, they were spot on today.   As I awoke this morning it was 72F at 7:30 am, 85 by 9:30 and 95 by noon!   By the dog-day afternoon, it was over 100, and the humidity was equally high.   Tomorrow and Wednesday are expected to be repeat performances, so all I have to say about that is – glad I bought a big AC early in July, before they all sold out!  My AC covers the first floor living areas,  however the lab is on the second floor, beneath a poorly insulated and darkly colored asphalt shingle roof.   So, long story short, the Lab is closed due to extreme temperatures.

I do have some things in the back-log to write about, including a wireless project mid June, a computer water cooling project in early July, and a new four-legged addition to my family.

Work has been very busy lately, which is good, work while there is work to be done, fill up the coffers!

Ahh well, there, July will not be a hole in my archives, there’s one post, boring as it is!