A few ideas, but still too hot.

I’ve been rolling a few idears around in the brain box, in preperation for re-opening the lab, since the summer heat is on its way out.

Number 1: Eclipse mints based usb charger / battery. I like the esclipse tin better than altoids gum, since its more square and only has a small opening via a hinged lid at one end. It should hold two lithium ion cells and a small PCB quite nicely. My plan is to make the gizmo with a small switch (or automatic possibly), so it can both charge/operate USB devices. or recharge off a USB host.

Number 2: Ice breakers mints based palm light / flashlight. Take a metal ice breakers mint tin, slap in some lithium cells, a USB re-charging circuit, add a 6 watt luxeon K2 and presto… nice and bright palm-sized flashlight. I also thought about adding a USB capabile microcontroller, and having the device show up as an HID gizmo in windows … perhaps allow programming of different brightness levels, check battery, etc.

Number 3: USB controlled Luxeon 1 based keyboard light. Using some semi rigid tubing of some sorts, and a not-yet-found small metal enclosure, create a usb HID based keyboard light for using on my laptop.

Thats all I got for now – till next time!