Comments Disabled

Due to a huge influx of spam in my comment moderation queue, I have disabled comment posting for the time being.

Once I get educated on combating wordpress comment spam, I’ll turn them back on, until then, feel free to email me your comments, and I will post them on a comments page or something.

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  1. In case you haven’t yet, enable the Akismet plugin for WordPress. I was getting dozens of comment spams a day, and I’m down to about one a month that slips through.

    Akismet builds a centralized database of spam based on feedback from all its users. It works on the principle that comment spammers tend to push the same crap to lots of sites. As long as someone has seen and tagged a comment spam before, you’ll never see it. You can even re-run it against your comment queue to check whether something has been tagged spam since the time it was posted to your queue for moderation.

    I vaguely recall having to sign up for a free key, but that was no big deal.

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