My oh my how time flies!

My apologies for not writing in some time. It’s certain not for lack of things to write about. I guess I’ve just been lazy lately. I don’t have anything specific to write about right now, but I wanted to make myself a list of things I need to document.

1) Art Light – Dec 2006
Decorative lighting for framed 3D art.

2) Mint Light – Dec 2006
Ultra small yet bright and versatile flashlight

3) LCD Adapter – Dec 2006 – Janurary 2007
Serial backpack for common parallel lcds

4) MintyBoost XL – Dec 2006 – Mar 2007
Twenty watt-hour portable power source

5) Cupric Chloride – Mar 2007
Experiments in alternative etching solutions

6) Toner Transfer – Mar 2007
Rethinking my bias against toner transfer

7) Stepper Motors – April 2007
Re-using an old paperweight.

There’s probably more I’m forgetting, hopefully I’ll amend this list when they spring to mind.

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