LED Sign; Now With Scrolling!

This morning I hammered out a quick and dirty method to scroll a message on my single character LED sign. The scrolling is based around a few subroutines. A text message of 12 characters is passed to the scroll subroutine, along with the number of loops to make. The scrolling routine breaks the text message down into individual bytes, and loads up a static 60 byte message buffer based on data from the font table. Each “scroll” iteration causes the program to copy data from the message buffer into a 5 byte display buffer. The message buffer address is offset by one byte each iteration. Since one byte equals one column on the display, this action cause the display to appear to scroll. Another sub routine watches the address pointer, and wraps it around to the beginning when appropriate.

3 Replies to “LED Sign; Now With Scrolling!”

  1. Hi, I am making a little scrolling LED sign like this one for my brother’s birthday present, but coding is not my strong point. Could you possibly email me the PIC code so I could use it as a reference? I would be a real blessing.

  2. hi, i’m making a scrolling led sign with 9 characters i.e 9(5×7) as my project. i used a PIC16F84A AND 4017 counter to achieve it with 1 character(5×7) please help me out with the schmatic diagram and program for 9 character display. thanks

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