Greetings from the Texas Eagle

According to the trusty GPS, I’m south of Joliet Illinois. The train is rolling at sixty mph right now, and seems to max out around eighty.

The ride is a lot rougher than I thought it would be – so much for “riding on rails” referring to a smooth ride. It’s so bumpy and turbulent I’m having trouble typing. Here’s a picture of my laptop setup in my little room.

Lunch at Giordano’s was excellent. The small pizza was too much for this man to tackle, I had to leave some behind. It was only a five minute walk from the train station, almost right across the street from the Sears Tower. The weather was not at all pleasant, I didn’t take many pictures.

I can’t get my phone to roam on the EVDO network, so I’m stuck at 1x speeds … better than nothing at least!

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  1. I usually use google maps in my mobile phone for know were are! For internet use 3G conection but its limited by the coverage of certains areas.

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