Roll baby roll

The train has spent the last few hours speeding Eastward, I think we start heading North after Marshall Texas.

Here’s a screen-cap from Streets 2009, click on it for a huge version.

The sleeper car is a little different this time. The tiny closet has been replaced by a large hook and an open storage area. The single large step which you climbed to get into the bunk is now two steps, a little narrower. The halls feel narrower too, i think the room might be a tiny bit larger.

Our conductor is doing a better job keeping this rig rolling. The trip North is progressing more smoothly, we’re spending a lot less time at the stops.

My seat is on the west-facing side of the train again, so I’m seeing the same scenery again in reverse… I don’t really think I’m missing anything on the other side.

My EVDO connection has been working pretty good, I’ve been getting 15-20kb/sec uploading all these pics and videos.

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  1. Darn, I didn’t check back in time. I missed you as you came through. Chances are you stopped here in my city – train almost always does to take on more passengers, refuel and let you get some “fresh” air. Oh well, next time you come through Longview, TX give me a shout! 🙂 I’m just down the road from the train depot.

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