Mint Tin Bike Light Continued

Nothing much new on a technical note. I do have a new pcb layout ready to iron on to some blank copper, should get that done this weekend. I ordered more switchers and LEDs from Future on Wednesday. Originally I was excited, the estimated delivery date was 8/21. However, it has now been pushed to 8/26, oh well!

Here are some new pictures, and some video worth posting in the blog:

2010 Trek 3700

This is my new 2010 Trek 3700 Mountain Bike… I’ve upgraded to alloy pedals and a super tough downhill rim for the rear wheel. I had been buying cheap-o department store bikes, on average two or three per year and trashing them basically riding on streets and trails. So I wanted to upgrade to something that should hold up a bit better.

Same composure, dialed down the flash output and decreased the shutter speed a little.

Video “tour” of the bike with both lights going.

Strobe effects demonstration on some reflective signs near my house. Sorry for the wind noise, a storm is rolling in!

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  1. I just got the Trek 3700 myself. Wondering which pedals you chose to replace with, and if you had a hard time getting them on? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

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