Painted Taillights

A little quick work with the rattle can this weekend “finished off” my revision 2 and revision 3 bike taillights. Revision three is nearly the ‘final product’ but still lacking some automatic control circuitry that I want to implement, and a few tweaks to the firmware to make it simpler to use.

painted bicycle taillights

I haven’t mastered cutting a straight line with the dremel yet, once the cutting wheel bites into that thin steel it goes the direction it wants to go!

I also painted the circuit boards, masking off each LED lens on the 2×8 array so they’d stay nice and bright. I also masked the smt button, the switcher and the contact springs on the battery clips. I probably didn’t need to mask the switcher – I wasn’t sure what the paint would do it it, seeing as how it’s handling quite a bit of power at a high frequency.

I’ve also posted some new videos to my youtube channel – nothing too exciting. There’s a naked revision 3 doing its thing and a side by side of 2 and 3 post paint job.

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