Import Mouser Invoices into Excel

It would be nice if online parts vendors gave you csv or excel files of your order or invoice. Mouser for example gives you the option of html files or pdf files. Future lets you download a plain text file, but it’s next to useless, there’s no part numbers or anything! I’ve created an excel spreadsheet that will convert a mouser html file into an excel format. It’s not a magic single button click macro or anything fancy, but as long as mouser doesn’t mess with their page layout too much, it should work.

To start, log into “My Mouser” and go to your order history (not invoice history). Click on an old order, and after it opens up, click on “print view”. Print view strips out the form elements that just make things more complicated. Now go to File, Save As and save the web page as a compiled page (MHT format). Sorry firefox, I do love thee as my browser of choice, but this only works in IE as far as I know.

Now open your mht file in excel, you should see that excel properly parsed the order table into neat little rows and columns. Now, open the excel file I’ve provided at the end of this post. Right click on the worksheet tab and choose “Move or copy…”. Copy the worksheet to the mouser workbook. After you have the two worksheets together, rename the mouser worksheet into “Web”. You’re almost done!

At the top of my worksheet there are two cell fields, starting row number and starting cell reference. The row number is where the parts table starts, it has been row 31 on all my orders so far. Starting cell reference is the worksheet reference for the first cell containing parts data, this has been B31 for all my orders so far. Be sure to include the sheet reference as well, so you want that to read “Web!B31”. If your order history is like mine, you may not need to change either of these. Once you get it right, you’ll see the rest of the spreadsheet fill in with your parts data. Now you can save this as an excel file, or export it as CSV, or whatever.

Download the excel spreadsheet

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