Internet Exploder

I just noticed my blog looks awful in IE7 and even worse in IE8. Are there any html gurus in the readership that would be kind enough to tell me whats wrong?

Update: I switched to the “classic” theme and then back to the theme I like and the site is now rendering properly in IE7. There appear to be a few icon images missing, I’ll have to dig those up from somewhere.

Dry reading

The next few months might bring some dry reading for the visitors to my blog. The camera I do 99% of my photographic work with has died silently sometime this past week. It’s not that the camera is dead, but it might as well be, as it appears the imaging chip has failed, or the circuitry that processes the signal from the chip.

Here’s a shot of the sprinkler controller I’ve been working on.

That picture was taken in a sun lit room, with overhead lights and a work lamp on. Plus the camera’s AI fired the flash at full power.

I’ll be contacting Nikon regarding repair, but unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it’s the end of the line for this cam. With 3rd quarter taxes coming shortly, I’m not in a position to make a big purchase right now, so it might be a few months before I get a new cam.

If I get desperate enough, you might see some awful pictures from my cellphone on here!


The camera in question is a Nikon Coolpix 5700, which is listed as one of the models affected by the Sony ccd failure problem


Although my problem doesn’t fit the description of the current “service advisory”, Nikon is going to check it out. At best they’ll repair it for free, at worst, they’ll give me a quote on repairs. If it’s within the price range of a new ‘throwaway’ digital, I’ll get it fixed. Otherwise I might just grab an HP / Epson / “insert brand-x here” throwaway to get me by until I can buy something nicer.

Migration to new host, success?

I’ve moved the blog to a new host. The old host wasn’t really that bad but they did seem to get ‘slow’ at times, and there were problems with their logging and apache stats.

Right now the Counterize plugin for wp is offline, pending me bringing its massive 40 mb table over from the old host. I don’t think my readers need Counterize for anything, so it shouldn’t be much of an effect on the general reading of the website.

If anyone notices anything else out of place, please drop me an e-mail. My address is gordonthree at gmail dot com.

Popular posts!

It seems that my article on PCB Photolithography and Inkjet printers has surpassed the older articles on LED Sensors. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with sensors. I still get quite a few e-mails about them, mostly folks asking specifically how to do something, or what the secret is. Honestly, I don’t know any more about them then what I’ve written. Most of my experiments took place on a breadboard, and were cobbled together from educated guesswork, trial and error, and a lot of reading. Perhaps I’ll revisit led sensors this summer – my PCB fabrication skills have really improved, and I can try making some ‘key pads’ which seems to be a popular request and application.

Jeff Han has started his own company selling his multi-touch technology. He never did reveal the ‘secrets’ to that impressive led matrix video which is so popular. From a business stand point, I can see protecting your IP assets, but led’s as sensors is old technology, I don’t think anyone today has a patent leg to stand on. In that light, perhaps if we all e-mail Jeff he’ll reveal his secrets to us.

Anyway, be sure to check out the ten most popular posts in the sidebar column. You can also check out the different project categories; each category has its own list of popular posts.

Thanks for reading!

New Theme

Seeing as how my project log is more than a year old now, it is overdue for a new coat of paint.

Presenting “I feel dirty 1.0 by The studio ST team”. I’m not sure about the name, but I do like the little bit of color, but still mostly plain white. Hey, I like plain, but a friend thought my original choices of all white (like Water 1.1) were just too plain, so here we are.

I think I’ve copied all my mods from the old theme, if anyone happened to be viewing the instance I was making changes, well, it probably looked a little funky.

Site Update

I’ve upgraded to WP 2.05, luckily, nothing went wrong!

Also, comments are enabled again, testing some new spam countermeasures … lets see how it goes!

Comments Disabled

Due to a huge influx of spam in my comment moderation queue, I have disabled comment posting for the time being.

Once I get educated on combating wordpress comment spam, I’ll turn them back on, until then, feel free to email me your comments, and I will post them on a comments page or something.

One Post for July

Wow, July is over already, and worse, I haven’t written anything for the entire month!

As you may or may not know, I’m in the United States, and we’ve been having a bit of a hot-spell lately.   Typical summers in my mid-western state of Michigan are mid 70’s and low 80’s, going into the 60’s at night.  However, this July, the weather is playing it a little different.   Most of the days have been 80+, and the nights are in the mid 70’s.   Today was a real scorcher … most of the time the weather folks are wrong for my area, due to a micro-climate imposed by Lake Michigan not more than a few miles from my house.   However, they were spot on today.   As I awoke this morning it was 72F at 7:30 am, 85 by 9:30 and 95 by noon!   By the dog-day afternoon, it was over 100, and the humidity was equally high.   Tomorrow and Wednesday are expected to be repeat performances, so all I have to say about that is – glad I bought a big AC early in July, before they all sold out!  My AC covers the first floor living areas,  however the lab is on the second floor, beneath a poorly insulated and darkly colored asphalt shingle roof.   So, long story short, the Lab is closed due to extreme temperatures.

I do have some things in the back-log to write about, including a wireless project mid June, a computer water cooling project in early July, and a new four-legged addition to my family.

Work has been very busy lately, which is good, work while there is work to be done, fill up the coffers!

Ahh well, there, July will not be a hole in my archives, there’s one post, boring as it is!



Some time has passed since my last post, and for that I am sorry.   I like to write about my technical endeavors, however, I’ve been feeling “out of time” lately.   Its not that I work late or anything like that, time just seems to disappear.   I get home from work around 6, catch up on personal emails and some news, then its time for dinner, and before I know it, it’s 11 pm!  Where did those 5 hours go!?

I have a list of things to write about, and I’ll be taking a little time off from the daily grind over the  Independence Day holiday to catch up on stuff.  Hopefully I can get some of these things written down, and make room in the ‘ol brain for keeping better track of time.

On a maintenance note, I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading my wordpress to 2.0.2.   The constant stream of spam which I hope to keep hidden from my readers has prompted this move.  I have some new spam-fighting plug-ins working behind the scenes, hopefully they won’t interfere with valid comments.

Organization Overload

The sidebar has been on quite a growing streak lately – first a bunch of new statistic driven links, and now many many new categories.

Since my post count is getting pretty big, I decided now would be a good time to organize it, rather than wait for it to get even larger. So I have gone back through every post, and further classified them into different categories.

It should make it easier to find things now, instead of it being all lumped under “Project”.