Site Update

I’ve upgraded to WP 2.05, luckily, nothing went wrong!

Also, comments are enabled again, testing some new spam countermeasures … lets see how it goes!

Comments Disabled

Due to a huge influx of spam in my comment moderation queue, I have disabled comment posting for the time being.

Once I get educated on combating wordpress comment spam, I’ll turn them back on, until then, feel free to email me your comments, and I will post them on a comments page or something.


Some time has passed since my last post, and for that I am sorry.   I like to write about my technical endeavors, however, I’ve been feeling “out of time” lately.   Its not that I work late or anything like that, time just seems to disappear.   I get home from work around 6, catch up on personal emails and some news, then its time for dinner, and before I know it, it’s 11 pm!  Where did those 5 hours go!?

I have a list of things to write about, and I’ll be taking a little time off from the daily grind over the  Independence Day holiday to catch up on stuff.  Hopefully I can get some of these things written down, and make room in the ‘ol brain for keeping better track of time.

On a maintenance note, I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading my wordpress to 2.0.2.   The constant stream of spam which I hope to keep hidden from my readers has prompted this move.  I have some new spam-fighting plug-ins working behind the scenes, hopefully they won’t interfere with valid comments.

Shameless self promotion

Sorry if I interrupted anyone’s reading … don’t you like my shoot from the hip method of working on live site code, instead of some backup / test site?

I have added a link to the end of each posting, allowing readers to easily bookmark posts they would like to share with the community.

New Stats Tracking

I have added some new plugins for wordpress that lets me get a better idea of which posts are popular and which have never been read at all.

Readers, you will notice on the sidebar, there is now a “Most Popular” section. It will list out the overall most popular when viewing the main page or viewing individual posts / pages. If you go into the monthly or category archives, it will list out the most popular posts for that month or category.

Each post also has a popularity readout at the end of the post… this is probably going away, once I find where that little bit of code was added.

I have also added a plugin that lets me track referrers, links, enter pages, exit pages, etc. I don’t think the readers can see any of the stats it produces. I may make a stats page for everyone once I get to understand these plugins a bit better.

For post popularity I am using Alex King’s Popularity Contest
For the general http stats I am using Anders Holte Nielsen’s Counterize

Finally, A New Theme

I finally became bored with the word-press default theme – not that there is anything wrong with it, but hey, change is good right?

This new theme is called “Ocadia” designed by Becca Wei.

I like the shaded boxes in the side-bar and the fact this theme is not overloaded visually or functionally. Some of the themes out there have way too many links, buttons, do-dads and hoopla for simple ‘ol me.

Stuck in this theme!

WELL … I just tried changing to another theme I found on the wordpress site … whats that, you say, it doesn’t look any different. well, thats because I changed it back.

It seems the default theme formats my pictures for me, but the add on theme does not, so they distort the browser and layout all to heck.

Once I figure out how the default theme does the voodoo that it does, maybe another theme is in the future.