Junior Again

Mouldy Junior

Here is junior, in a mould of wax. I chose wax because its all I could think of that was:

A) easy to shape
B) inexpensive
C) quick
D) non-stick

So I quickly made a shallow square hole for my pc board to rest in… I was able to use some regular screwdrivers to carve the wax. After a lot of searching, I discovered blocks of wax at the grocery store in the canning section.

The epoxy is too thick to really ‘pour’ … you sort of ooze it into something. I scooped up a big glob with a stir stick and drizzled it into the mould. Then I placed the light in, and drizzled more epoxy on top.

Here's Junior!

potted led package

Here’s Junior … I call it junior, its the smallest led light I’ve succesfully designed so far. roughly the same size as a quarter and about three thick. The black stuff is MG Chemicals 832-TC thermally conductive epoxy. It has harnded into an impregnable shell around my light, and helps keep the leds cool at the same time. The epoxy is fully curied now, so its time to abuse it some. I think it will spend a few nights in my freezer, and then a few days on the dashboard of my car, baking in the sun.

Junior is a light for a larger project I am developing and hope to sell someday… I’ll be sure to share more details here as I get things finalized.

This led light contains three high flux leds and combined with its controller, can project any color of the rainbow.

Check out this video of junior in action, before encapsulation