Under the Sea

The previous “I Feel Dirty” theme was getting a bit old, so I decided to change things up! This is “Under the Sea”. I notice it is formatted for 1024×768 instead of 800×600. What do you think about that? I run a high res on all my personal monitors, but working in the IT business, I know low res is still popular with a lot of people, even if they have big monitors. If I stick with the wider format, I’ll resize some of my recent pictures so they match-up with the text.

Given that broadband adoption continues to rise world wide, I’ve increased the number of posts displayed from 3 to 5. My feeling on the small number is my posts tend to have lots of pictures, and I like to minimally compress them as possible to maintain good quality. People on slower connections or slower devices might have trouble downloading several megabytes of data to render a page. I have an old pentium 3 laptop that despite my broadband connection struggles to view some modern sites. Drop me some feedback if you find more is better, or if it’s too much.

A friend pointed out that I have several unanswered questions in the comments for some of my posts. This website is my blog, a place to record my thoughts, and in the process, share them with the public. I don’t view it as a discussion forum. I welcome comments, criticisms and feedback. You can certainly post a question, and as long as it is relevant and makes sense, I’ll approve it as a comment, however, please don’t expect an answer. Really good questions usually receive a response either here or via email. If you want a discussion or debate on something you see here, pop on over to Linear’s forums: http://forums.linear1.org.